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David Yong.

David Yong, who is a bridge between the culture of Korea and Southeast Asia, is back with a K-Hiphop track.


Great Experience

David Yong is the true multi-hyphenate – a multinational businessman & CEO, venture capitalist, and lawyer. Recently, he has added the glamorous title of K-Pop Artist to his colorful resumé.

As an honors graduate from the prestigious schools of the University of Bristol Law School, Peking University & Seoul National University, David currently oversees Evergreen Group Holdings with businesses spreading across Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and more. He is the managing partner in YSL Legal LLP, a boutique law firm specializing in both civil and corporate matters.

With his proven business successes and bold decision-making, he has become a powerhouse in the wide-ranging sectors of investments, fintech, lifestyle and now entertainment. As an insider in multiple industries, David has been able to gain new perspectives and become equipped with the networks, skill sets and tools to continue his successes in business and achieve his wildest dreams.

As such, David Yong has become fearless in pioneering new territories – namely, the global cultural phenomenon that is K-Pop, originating from South Korea. In 2021 he released ‘My Way’ in collaboration with renowned Korean ballad group 4MEN which was the Korean Drama OST for “School 2021”. In 2022, he released a hip hop number with popular rapper Kid Milli called ‘In My Pocket’. Partnering with a major Korean entertainment company, he plans to make bigger waves and push the envelope as an ‘Influencer CEO’ unleashing creative and fun content for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Being the ultimate bridge between South Korea and Southeast Asia, David plans to strengthen his entertainment businesses and cultural connections to later cultivate the next generations of artists in Asia and worldwide.

His Latest:

[MV] David Yong – ‘Maybe Love (Feat. Moonbyul of MAMAMOO)’

David Yong collaborates with Moonbyul from MAMAMOO in the urban pop track ‘Maybe Love’, an attractive easy-listening track to add to your driving playlist. David showcases his romantic, soft, and relatable aspects of his personality and Moonbyul’s genuine & charismatic rap enhances the track with warm Spring vibes. The song highlights relatable feelings between friends or new lovers who are anticipating love and perhaps finally defining their relationship.  

His Singles:

[MV]David Yong – In My Pocket (feat. 키드밀리)

The single ‘In My Pocket’ is an album that Singaporean influencer David Yong, representative K-Pop artists Jeon Jiyoon and Kid Milli worked together on, and its trendy beat, classy voal and unique rap stands out.

His Ballad:

[MAJOR9/윤민수] DAVID YONG ‘My Way (一意孤行) (Prod. 윤민수 of VIBE)’ OFFICIAL MV

01. My Way (一意孤行) (Prod. 윤민수 of VIBE) Produced by Yun Min Soo of VIBE / Composed by Lineath Rajendran, Pek Jin Shen, Lim Jia Kang / 

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